Data Science Immersive = [‘Day 3’]

I am now into the third day of my bootcamp experience with General Assembly. A quick summary of my journey so far is captured below:

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 12.12.20 AM
Yea, I wrote down my experience as a block of code. Am I going crazy or what?

Week 1 of DSI has been going at a breakneck pace, at least when witnessed from the perspective of someone who has little to no background in programming. The biggest challenge to me thus far has been to understand listing comprehensions, especially the types that are condensed into one elegant line of code but actually execute the same way as nested for loops. Most of my classmates around me appear to be coping along so that makes me quite worried that I may be falling behind the rest of the class, but I will hold off that thought and concentrate on absorbing as much content as I can in the last day of the week in school. 😭

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