Data Science Immersive [Week 3 Review]

3 weeks down! And we finally got a week where the content was less heavy. We had more practice on data munging and EDA using pandas while learning more about Regex, statistics and SQL. We also had a mini group project focusing on EDA. My group project was on the Boston marathon and trying to clean the data was a big headache for me, but luckily I was in the good presence of my smarter course mates who managed to wring out some information from the dataset in the limited time given to us.

While most of us spent the bulk of our free time this week on the project (including me), knowing that our capstone project’s first deadline is coming up next week made me more concerned. After all, when employers finally get to see our portfolios, I reckon they will spend their first 3-5 minutes scrutinising us on our best work and not all the other ones. I think it is therefore very important to source for a dataset that can support the capstone project! While I do have several ideas floating in my head, finding data is extremely challenging.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 9.59.07 PM
Landing in the “Everything Is Awesome!” zone would be nice…

As we come into the next week which will mark our first month at GA, I am still finding myself very excited about the new things that we are going to learn, which is a good sign. While I had started out feeling a bit lost and unable to catch up, after week 3 I am starting to get a better sense of of reading and writing code, and understanding the areas where I need to brush up on.

Of course, time is still not on my side given the fast pace of the class. But I remind myself how it was like for me when I started learning Japanese – besides having to memorise all the hiragana and katakana, we were always being bombarded with new vocabulary and grammar structures, not forgetting the constant stream of quizzes and tests that awaited us every time we stepped into class. Learning programming is just like Japanese – they are both languages – requiring lots and lots of practice, and that I shouldn’t be discouraged based on how I am faring so far.

Onwards to week 4!

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