Lembas Experiment [Day 1]

I got these packs from Lembas, which is a meal replacement product, over the weekend and began my experiment today (Monday).

I first got to know about meal replacements from articles talking about Silicon Valley employees drinking Soylent shakes as a quick way to get their daily nutritional requirements with minimum down time. Since then, I have been interested to try one of those products, but most of them are based in the US (where the trend has been going on for some time now), which made shipping a box load of products to Singapore prohibitively expensive.

With Lembas coming along, I finally get to taste Singapore’s own interpretation of Soylent! The package says ‘Vanilla’ flavour but I was told that it will have a coconut taste as well.

0710 – first serving of two scoops mixed with 500ml of water. Quite easy to mix, not sure if it’s due to the amount of water used or the shaker ball that came with the bottle. Taste wise is OK, vanilla does not come out too strongly, with an added hint of coconut. Let’s see how long this will last before I start getting hungry again.

1130 – starting to feel a little groggy in class. Could be Monday blues but I’m having difficulty focusing on the lab session. But oh well lunch is coming up so will monitor how it goes after my second serving

1200 – second serving. This time I mixed it with less water, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the powder dissolved completely, leaving a thicker shake.

1810 – I am home earlier, just in time for the third serving. After the third serving I realise that my Lembas pack for the day has at least two servings worth left in the bag. I think I am getting the serving sizes wrong.

Lembas 2
At least 4 scoops (2 servings) left after third meal of the day

1910 – One more serving of two scoops. Perhaps my portion sizing is wrong because each scoop of mine is just about 1cm over the edge of the scoop. I remember being told to pile on as much as possible.

2040 – I am starting to feel quite tired, but I can’t determine whether it is because of the bad night of sleep, or from my body not being used to a fully-liquid diet.

2300 – What was supposed to be a quick 20-min nap turned out to be a KO session. I am surprised I slept through the bright lights in my room (I did not turn them off for the nap). Decided to write up this post and settle some administrative things before I go back to sleep.

2315 – OH DANG IT. Whiskylive SG’s Super Early Bird tickets ALL SOLD OUT!! I was at the checkout page on my iPhone when I KO’ed at 8.40pm. Now I have to pay ten bucks more for the same ticket. Hrrrmpph!

2340 – Good night world!

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