Lembas: An Update

One week into Lembas!

I have been experimenting with portion sizes and frequency of meals:

1. Divided the servings into the exact scoop size (more than that later)

I realise that overloading the scoop is hardly an accurate way to tell how much I am consuming, so I decided to redefine the day pack as a measure of the number of scoops filled to the brim. Did some calculations with my weighing scale, the empty scoop is about 7g while 39g when loaded with Lembas to the brim. This approximates to 4 scoops per stated serving of 125g shown on the package, so a day’s pack should contain 16 scoops worth of powder, give or take.

2. Tried varying timing of meals 

My normal routine is to have 3 meals a day, breakfast at 7+, lunch at about noon, and dinner at about 6. I varied the lunch times to +/- 1 hour, so there were days when I drank my lunch shake between 11 to 11.30, while some days I waited till 12.30+ before drinking. Dinner time was the most varied as there were days where I drank the shake between 7-8pm.

3. Tried changing the servings per meal

One scoop of my redefined serving size mentioned above equals about 125 calories. Therefore a standard serving would be 4 scoops, but I have rarely needed to drink so much. Most of the times I go for 2 scoops, and 3 if I am feeling hungrier than usual.

4. Increased the frequency of meals

Since my portion size is smaller, I increased the frequency of drinking Lembas. During weekdays this usually means having an additional shake at about 9 following the dinner portion at 6, because I don’t really have much time to step out of the classroom to go mix a shake, drink and wash it. Yes, the last part is a must for me because I don’t like to leave a bottle with leftover shake inside for any period of time.

It is quite a different story for the weekend though. Since I was at home most of the time this weekend, I split my meals into 2 scoops each time. Yesterday I counted my meal times and it was 6: 7am, 11am, 3pm, 6pm, 8pm and 10pm.

Other thoughts:

I am starting to miss solid food. A LOT. Walking past food stalls / bakeries / fast food restaurants is becoming a no-no for me as the temptation to buy something grows stronger. By no means is this a complaint about the taste of Lembas – in fact, I still like the taste one week into drinking it – but I just like variety and options in my food. Luckily I have just one more week to go for this! I think I cannot tahan if it goes on longer than that. Thank God Alvin only brought me half the initial number of Lembas packs I wanted!

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