Lembas Experiment: The End!

Is it possible to live on a liquid diet?

Short answer is a definite yes. I ended my Lembas experiment this week with a celebratory Nasi Lemak burger at McD. Don’t ask me why not some fancy steak or some zi char place – McD was just next door. Man who hasn’t eaten solid food in a long time + cheap yummy fast food next door: go figure.

Questions questions questions

In these two weeks I have been questioned repeatedly on any given combination of the following questions (pardon the Singlish):

  • “Eh not going for lunch? Wah what is this? You drinking protein shake only?!”
  • “What is the taste like? I drink something else before, like sai!”
  • “Eh how is your liquid diet coming along? Got lose weight already not?”

A pack of Lembas has 2000 calories and macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats) are in the right proportions, a point which distinguishes it from other protein/muscle gainer shakes which are very high in protein content but contain very little carbs, fats and other essential vitamins and amino acids.

I sounded like a broken record telling my friends that drinking Lembas is not a weight-loss option; instead, it is intended as a proof-of-concept, to show that there will be no adverse effects from sustaining oneself through a liquid-based diet. Admittedly a period of two weeks is hardly scientific at all; a proper study should include many more samples over a longer period of time. That being said, since portion sizes can be precisely determined from drinking Lembas, I can imagine that someone looking for weight-loss could potentially achieve that by limiting the daily pack’s powder to x%.

Final Thoughts

  • One thing that I was really surprised was that after two weeks of drinking Lembas, I still find the taste very nice. But I do think that it would be great if there was a second or third flavour around just so I can mix the order up each day.
  • The scoop should ideally be of the right size, to deliver the intended meal portion of 500cal in a single scoop, just for convenience and/or accuracy sake. Small matter. Perhaps future production batches could include a larger scoop.
  • Price point for a pack on the website seems to have risen from the time I bought it. It does appear to be a little steep now, at S$24 a pack for day’s worth of nutrition. Split among three main meals would mean S$8 per meal. I foresee this will be a sticky point for folks who do not usually spend this much.
  • When trying a liquid diet, it is natural to see the body trying to adapt over the first few days. For me, this adaptation meant being more lethargic than usual during the daytime, which I overcame by the third or fourth day. But otherwise everything will  carry on normally and the net result was that I had more spare time during lunch to run errands/read books/take a nap. #productivity
  • Moving on, it is unlikely that I would want to drink Lembas only over any extended period of time, but I could definitely see myself drinking it once or twice a day to replace one of the meals.

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