Data Science Immersive [Week 7 Review]

With just about five weeks left until graduation, most of the class spent a great deal of time on their capstone project during the week. Milestone 2 was on Friday and milestone 3 is just seven days away; the reality of things quickly settle in when you have so many deadlines to meet. I personally think this is good as it pushes me to do more, but at the cost of sleep and health. I think its a worthwhile sacrifice since its just about a month left!


I am on Ramit Sethi’s mailing list. He posted this:

Get IMPATIENT with yourself. You’re probably impatient with other people, so get impatient with yourself. Whatever’s on your mind, do it now. You have nothing to lose except for your own time.

It reminded me of why I wanted to do the DSI course in the first place. I wanted to dive deep into machine learning and programming quickly, and DSI offered the right environment and cirriculum pace to do so.

That said, data science is not something that you can pick up in just three months. Every time I get stuck on understanding a particular topic, I get angry and wonder why I am so slow. Perhaps I am having unreasonable expectations of myself? I have made some progress on my capstone project, but it is still very much a work in progress and I have many things to learn on the fly. There are times when I apply code that I do not yet fully understand, but go along being hopeful that I will understand more as I work through more examples.

In any case, I am grateful that my personal circumstances have allowed me to take three months off for DSI. What the future holds for me, I do not know yet, but I can say for certain that these three months will have been one of the most distinguishing times in my life, a time when I actively sought out to do what I wanted to do, without procrastination and without second-guessing myself.

OK now back to capstone…

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