Data Science Immersive [Week 8 Review]

Short Week != Less Work

A four-day week punctuated by Deepavali celebrations on Wednesday, but I suspect most of my classmates are not celebrating much (like me). The shorter week was characterised by lessons in NLP topics such as sentiment analysis, topic modelling and Naive Bayes, and — what else — more work on the capstone project. By Friday I saw that several of my classmates are already into the final stretch of their capstone project, which can either (i) invigorate you because you realise capstone milestones are really that achievable, or (ii) demoralise you because you are not one of these on the verge of completion.

It’s A Beautiful(Soup) Day

Between the capstone submission date and now, we unfortunately have to contend with another project, this time dealing with web scraping from a job portal website. I will be the first to admit that while I do like the information gained from web scraping, it no longer becomes fun when you are the person actually doing it. Referencing sources online from those who have walked the same footsteps, I managed to find some code to reuse, using BeautifulSoup to parse info from the html document. But the problems are aplenty — some of the code that used to work now no longer do (presumably because of updates to the layout of the website), and even the bits that could work failed to generate the information that I thought I would find. It looks like another Beautiful(Soup) week ahead as the class marches on toward project D-day on Friday…

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