The Search for ‘Analytics Whisperers’

I had never heard of the term Analytics Translators until this week, where I chanced upon an article by HBR. According the the article, “translators play a critical role in bridging the technical expertise of data engineers and data scientists with the operational expertise of marketing, supply chain, manufacturing, risk, and other frontline managers.” Simply put, they are the ones who translate machine learning gobbledygook into English, the main language spoken by senior executives in a company!

Being awed by this position, I realized this could be the perfect spot where I can thrive. Since my personal credentials are a giant mash-up of different skills in tech, business and finance, I believe I can do a decent job of helping senior company execs know more about the potential benefits of applying ML/AI processes into their companies.

A quick Googling for available jobs showed this:

Seems promising… at first

But besides McKinsey (the authors of the HBR article) and DBS, the employers shown to be hiring for a position with that title, the list of jobs quickly falls to a grand total of zero, reflecting the lack of official certifications/recognition for such a role. For those of us who are not lucky (or smart) enough to work at McKinsey, perhaps the best way to inch our way to a role like this would be to start with baby steps in the current organisation that we are in.

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