Seasons of Change

It is always so easy to forget that time is passing quicker than we realise.

I checked back on my last post – February 2018. Wuuut?

Where have I been, and where am I going?

This past year has been a year of great change for me:

  • Left the finance sector
  • Enrolled in a bootcamp, thrown into deep end of programming
  • Went into job-hunting mode (like a fresh grad all over again)
  • Started work at an MNC a month later in the consumer staples industry
  • Left the job because the industry was not for me
  • Joined another consumer staples MNC, this time involved in social media data analytics

Along the way, I discovered a few things about myself:

  • I’m not suitable to be a full-time programmer. I need pockets of time where I am able to interact with others; facing the screen for 12 hours straight crunching code is just too mind-numbing

Me by 3pm if I had to code 9 hours straight

  • I’m not as good a programmer as others are. Specifically, I found that I can be better when I am in between business and technology. The hybrid role of being able to understand what the tech guys are saying and what the business people need is a crucial role in many organisations and one that I will be moving towards
  • More generally, I have realised that my level of patience for doing things that do not interest me has dropped significantly. Part of this is a) age and b) the realisation that we only have a finite amount of time in our lives, so don’t waste it doing things you do not like. Over the past year I installed a screensaver on my laptop that literally counts down the number of days, hours and minutes to a specific date that I set. The date in question is usually a deadline I set for a specific goal in mind. On my Chrome browser I have another timer that is a little more morbid – it counts down the number of weeks, days, hours and minutes to my deathbed (literally a ‘death clock’) – reminding me that time waits for no one and I have to do work that I can be proud of
  • Perhaps because of my career switch, I got a little more attached to the topic of income inequality. Specifically, I realised just how high salaries were in the tech industry were compared to finance (not very). We can go down a deep rabbit hole on the intricacies of job roles, functions and startups vs established companies etc but that is my overall assessment. It brings me back to the article I read some years ago on how your future income potential is largely determined by the college major you pick

Our own impending doom should be motivation enough for you to get sh*t done

  • New habits – with my office now being located outside of the CBD for the first time, I now have reduced accessibility to food options, but on the plus side prices here are cheaper. I also made the effort to become healthier and signed up to do CrossFit at a gym that is just a 10-minute walk away. The workouts were brutal on my body at first, but I love how I feel after. It has been quite some time since I have properly worked out and I am slowly but surely seeing progress in my overall fitness level

Not me; but like this dude, I am a WIP (work-in-progress)

The past year has been remarkable shifts in my attitudes, habits and lifestyle. Not all of it has happened in the way I had imagined it to be, but isn’t this what makes life interesting?

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