Data Science Immersive [Final Review]

In between juggling my capstone project and lessons, I had not updated the last four weeks of my time at DSI. But here is the final review to make up for it! The final four weeks were spent learning about Bayesian statistics, Hadoop, Spark, forecasting time series, Flask, Recommender Systems with a brief overview on … Continue reading Data Science Immersive [Final Review]

Data Science Immersive [Week 8 Review]

Short Week != Less Work A four-day week punctuated by Deepavali celebrations on Wednesday, but I suspect most of my classmates are not celebrating much (like me). The shorter week was characterised by lessons in NLP topics such as sentiment analysis, topic modelling and Naive Bayes, and -- what else -- more work on the … Continue reading Data Science Immersive [Week 8 Review]