Data Science

Business. Data. Language

In my formative years, I took up Japanese as a third language. Learning the syntax, vocabulary and grammar patterns, I made steady progress, eventually attaining the JLPT N2 certification.

Later on, in my university days, I decided to do my undergraduate studies in Business Administration, thinking that the degree could help me when I wanted to launch my own business someday. My data-driven nature, and need to quantify all things in a rational way, led me to specialize in Finance.

It was the same curiosity and interest in doing more with data that led me to take the Data Science Immersive with General Assembly. I saw that many industries were being disrupted / transformed by the use of AI and machine learning, and wanted to gain hands-on knowledge.

There is much to learn in this field. I may not know everything there is to know yet, and the learning curve is steep. But I look back at the old me when I was first starting out with Japanese, and realize that the journey will look the same – tough in the beginning, but sweeter towards the end. Life is a never-ending journey of attaining more knowledge and I am strapped in for the long haul!